How do you train to play from behind as they do in Spain, Barcelona and other major football teams? What are the keys your team must acquire and manage to be effective?

To score goals you have to shoot to the opposing goal. For that we must have the ball. Some teams prefer to attack from their own goal keeping possession and making advance.

What should a football coach know? On what issues should he work for which need this knowledge? What knowledge must you acquire and develop more to become better? Here we present the categories in which the football coach should seek to acquire knowledge:

Juan Roman UEFA PRO football coach license in your event: workshop, camp, clinic, etc…

Juan Roman is one of the football coaches with more experience and training in Oceania: Football Coach and Strength and Conditioning coach.

The UEFA PRO license.- The highest qualification in football. The same degree shared by: Pep Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Vicente Del Bosque, Rafa Benitez, Mourino, etc ...

Bachelor in Sport Science specialized in High Performance.- Professional Trainer of football teams in Spain. He has developed a methodology periodization (tactical periodization) where through tactical principles of football, develops specific physical abilities to football.

Teacher of football coaches, among others in the Royal Spanish Football Federation, to obtain licenses such as UEFA B, A and PRO in football.

MBA in Management of institutions and sports facilities.

Also known in Spain as well as director of football academies dedicated to the early detection and signing of sporting talents for training and development as professional players.

Currently he is working as Head of Sports Science at Myanmar Football Federation, where he is responsible for the development and implementation of a football strength and conditioning strategic plan for all the National teams and national academies. 

What can you expect from Juan Roman at your event

• A training workshop for coaches and/or players

• Designed specifically to meet the objectives of the event and customizing according to the characteristics of the persons involved.

• Well organized and structured to stimulate and actively involve the audience.

• Entertaining and motivating them to bring about changes in the way people think and act after the event.

• A great experience, with a professional and different approach.


Workshop topics and clinic:

* Designing and testing sessions for the selection of equipment according to the levels of the players: specific fitness test applied to football, technical skills and tactical knowledge of players.

* Teaching methodology and development of tactical principles in football: keeping the ball on offense, defensive organization, game systems (5 side ...) and Technical skills in game scenarios: passes, controls, driving ...

* How to develop a training programme in football for players in training for each stage from 6-19 years from an amateur club, adapted to the characteristics of the players, the environment ... objectives, subjects to develop, activities, etc ...

* How to make a schedule for the work of fitness preparation applied to football through technical training - tactical and decision making, periodization of tactics.

* Methodology applied to the teaching of playing style in the formation and preparation of a team of players from scratch: what and how to work/teach for players to assimilate the principles necessary to attack from behind keeping ball possession, how to defend to recover it quickly in the best conditions ...

* Management of human resources of an amateur club with coaches and volunteers (parents, mothers...) to work as a professional club: selecting, recruiting, training, mentoring, promoting ...

* Guidelines for the development of intensive specific programmes (holiday programmes, campus, etc ...) for the development of specific technical basics in football positions: dribbling defenders, keeping possession with targeted controls and passes from midfielders, etc…


The next step:

If you want to check the availability of Juan Roman for your event or have any questions, contact us.


What must football players do when they are defending? How do they know what actions and roles should they undertake depending on where the ball is on the field? Should all defenders do the same tasks? We will explain the 30 functions and responsibilities that the players must learn to do when defending.

In football, the team that has the ball is said to be attacking; however the team that does not, is defending. You can go deeper on the offensive and defensive phases in this article. In a previous article we explained what players do when they are attacking. In this one, we'll explain the tasks that our players should do on defense. For this we will divide defense time in the following sub steps: a) pressure: we just lost the ball, b) retreat: we will go back to our area where we will defend the counter attack c) recovering the ball.

All groups must have someone to be the spokesman which in turn "manages" from within it. Having a good team captain is very important because if he performs his functions properly, the group will be united and working all together to achieve the objectives.  Who should the captain of the football team be?, what psychological aspects should we look in him?

Working with people involves the appearance of conflicts. When you train a football team you're interacting with people and in this relationship conflicts may occur.

What are the conflicts in sports? Why do they arise? How do you prevent them from appearing? I will explain everything you need to know about conflicts between players and between players and coaching staff, so that when they pop up you'll be more relaxed and prepared to handle them.

How to detect them? What to do when they happen? Should we let them pass? Can anything be done? I'll explain the steps for the detection and resolution of conflicts on your football team.

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