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About Juan Roman

Hi, this is Juan Roman, here's a little piece about me:

From a young age I was fascinated by sports and physical preparation, I studied in the Physical Activity Sciences and Sport University, specializing in High Performance Sports in Team Sports, in Football.

How do you train to play from behind as they do in Spain, Barcelona and other major football teams? What are the keys your team must acquire and manage to be effective?

To score goals you have to shoot to the opposing goal. For that we must have the ball. Some teams prefer to attack from their own goal keeping possession and making advance.

What should a football coach know? On what issues should he work for which need this knowledge? What knowledge must you acquire and develop more to become better? Here we present the categories in which the football coach should seek to acquire knowledge:

What are the principles and fundamentals in football?

What must a player do from a tactical point of view to play football?

Where can we begin to teach young people to understand, read, interpret what is happening so that they can adapt and anticipate?

Discover the basic fundamentals, the phases, the sub – stages and the principles of the game to understand it and to teach it to your football team.

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