My Game Philosophy, Methodology, and Opinion About my Players in 30 points

What is my ideology of football? How do my teams play football? What is the playing style my players are developing in games? What training methodology am I following? What are my beliefs as a coach? What do I think about my players?

Next I will talk about my coaching secrets in three sections: My idea on how to play football, the methodological approach I follow in my trainings and my thoughts on the players I coach or have coached.

My game philosophy: The way I like my teams to play:

1. Resolution with ball possession: control the game; take the initiative, rest when in possession of the ball, moving opposite players.

2. Planned attack keeping ball possession. Seek and create spaces and where to progress with the ball. Determination in completion.

3. When attacking, everyone should move to support the player with the ball: angles, displacements, and moving defenders out of the way.

4. Decision making -  taking this as a  priority into account: first we look for the shot, if you cannot make a shot at goal then  make passes and finally drive the ball if there is no better option. Dribbling the ball is an intelligent and necessary option also.

5. Defense organized in block and forming subgroups of 3 defenders. We attack as a team forming "Rondos" in areas.

6. Commitment on the smart recovery of ball possession. It is not about chasing the ball, but placing the team in correct positions to recover and regain possession of the ball  to then be in the  best position to attack again and play our own style of game.

7. Each ball is an opportunity to score: keeping it, taking it forward and finish. We have 90 minutes to score goals and prevent the opposing team from scoring them. 

8. If something is not working, be patient while we seek how to improve it.

9. The important thing is to believe in our style of play and being true to ourselves in our belief and commitment to this style of play.

10. Active team -  we don't expect the opposing team to take the game initiative.

Training and methodology: How I like to coach. What is my training methodology.

11. Global Methodology - looking for situations and experiences to improve  and influence decision-making .   At the same time we must teach the tools: techniques and tactics so that players face problems on defense with confidence and assurance. More than a guided discovery - it's a meaningful learning journey.

12. Training should be planned: goals, objectives for each of the organized and sequenced cycles. Planned objectives, as defined above. Each workout is an opportunity to get better and to achieve a specific goal that puts us closer to the ultimate goal.

13. Design and prepare well-organized training sessions: structure, subgroups, assigning bibs, heart rate monitors, set-up activities, materials...

14. I like to encourage players to move as soon as possible. If the design of activities is correct, and the rules are clear, the goals are achieved without having to talk much at all.   Pausing only to drink water and recover.

15. We train game systems adaptive to the circumstances to play our game.

16. All the tactical work is always thought from the stages of the game and the application of offensive and defensive tactical principles.   Apply  “ Real life game situations in training”, so players are prepared come actual game time to react should these common situations occur.

17. Technical work is always thought from the tactic. Decision-making is involved in some way.

18. All the physical work is directed from the tactics and positions.

19. In training, our duty is to provide each young player with as many different experiences as we can - teach them  to play, moving without the ball, anticipating, finding and creating spaces, play with confidence and belief to win. Winning should be the result of playing well collectively as a team, to achieve the goal and end result.

20. Matches are the best training sessions to learn how to play - do not miss game  time opportunity just to win.

What I think and feel about my players

21. They are my reason for being a coach. When I was 13 years old, I chose to prepare and study to be a coach because I wanted to help other players to be better, to achieve their full potential in football.

22. They are my priority. I always think about how I can impact more positively towards each player’s future.

23. It's the greatest feeling to see players appreciation for their confidence in me. My greatest respect because they perform activities in my trainings well and because they follow my advice.

24. Players have all my admiration because it is they who make it possible in their chosen sport with their talents for me to teach and encourage and watch them grow as players each year.

25. I always continue to learn from my players, they keep me "alive" in this game. They give me their time and confidence because they know that they learn and improve with me. They "speak" for me in the field, they are the proof of whether I'm doing well and how I can improve. I learn from their successes and learn also from my mistakes.

26. We need players with motor intelligence who understand the game and anticipate what will happen.

27. They need to be active and take the initiative not waiting for the adversary.

28. We need to create players that are committed to their fellow players. When attacking, they should always seek and support the player with the ball: angles, displacements, move defenses out of the way. All are attackers. When defending they should help the whole team. They all defend.

29. The sum of the parts is greater than one. Each player has a role, roles that the team needs.

30. I like to train honest players: committed to the team, sacrificed in the effort, and in solidarity with colleagues who "give" everything for their team.

As you can see, answering all the questions of the introduction is part of my privacy as a football coach. There is no right or wrong answers, they are just guidelines that guide me as a Pro. I would like to know about your own philosophy and idea of football. Send me an email and let me know.

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