About Juan Roman

Hi, this is Juan Roman, here's a little piece about me:

From a young age I was fascinated by sports and physical preparation, I studied in the Physical Activity Sciences and Sport University, specializing in High Performance Sports in Team Sports, in Football.

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What is my ideology of football? How do my teams play football? What is the playing style my players are developing in games? What training methodology am I following? What are my beliefs as a coach? What do I think about my players?

Next I will talk about my coaching secrets in three sections: My idea on how to play football, the methodological approach I follow in my trainings and my thoughts on the players I coach or have coached.

As person: Authenticity, coherence and optimism.

As professional: Gratitude, responsibility, teach by example, achievement learning and passion.

As football coach: Excellence, respect, understanding and support, commitment, belief and entertainment.

In the four years I've been training in New Zealand, many people have approached me to congratulate us on how my players played: "These players play a different football" "We enjoyed watching your players play" "We've never seen such young children play like that before." Thankfully, there is much work behind it. Some have even asked me "what is the secret?" Well, in this article you will find links to other articles that will be a guidance that will explain what you can do to train your team and play football differently. I recommend that before you do this, if you haven't done it before, to take a look at "Beginner coaches" where you can check the basics to start coaching.

You have experience as a football coach. You've even attended courses, clinics, workshops and have a theoretical education sustaining your knowledge and allowing you to experiment and try new activities. You want to continue to deepen the knowledge and learn more about the new trends moving current football and how to coach in a more advanced, professional level.

Here I leave the links to other articles where you can find more advanced technical and tactical information about coaching. I recommend you also take a look at the following articles: "Beginner coaches" and advanced coaches”.

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